Friday, November 29, 2019


I am also grateful for my kids, chocolate, bubble blowing, massages, music, swimming pools, roller skates, kissing, old movies, new movies, any movies, sushi, narwhals, coffee, books, heavy blankets, incense, silence, double rainbows, red lipstick, mouth harps, Ordinary Mary, candles, fresh clean water, campfires, therapy, vintage black & white photos, Michael Carson, dancing it out, the gym, crocheting with my giant hook, Mister Rogers, the moon, big fuzzy slippers, olive oil, plants, whales, sunsets, sunrises, walking meditation, elephants, Chanel's Coco perfume, tattoos, medicine ceremonies, cliff hangers, sky diving, green drinks, sun bathing, the ocean, Hullabaloo, California, pancakes, smoking-even-though-I-don’t, gut-laughing, fried tofu, our dogs, Kauai, Friends, popcorn, playing Authors and “I’m thinking of a person” with my kids, twinkle lights, stinky cheese, singing in the car, my bed, well worn baggy jeans, blueberries, touch, giant messy curly hair, badassery, surrender, wasabi almonds, sea turtles, old abandoned barns, road trips, Cirque de Soleil, Zions Canyon, grey nail polish, Bette Midler, flowers, hoola hoops… I might be at this for a while…

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday yesterday. Thank you for spending these days being grateful with me. Now… go enjoy your shopping! May you find the shortest lines and the very best deals!