Wednesday, November 27, 2019

12 Days of Gratitude: Day Eleven - My Soul

How profoundly and ass-kickingly wondrous is the experience of being so much more than… this? More than a body. More than thought. More than feeling. More than addiction. More than perception. More than dreams and illusions. Life has, quite literally, forced me into an intimate relationship with the part of me that is indestructible. No matter how painful that process has been, how can I not be grateful for it? And how cool that everything I think I know, or have figured out, is just a tiny drop in the ocean of all that I have yet to know and figure out? The experience of piece by piece remembering all that is and all that I am, and what happens when I bring my personality into alignment with my Soul is really, just a big, fat party.

So abundantly grateful I accepted the invitation.