Sunday, November 24, 2019

12 days of Gratitude: Day Eight - Service

Nothing pulls us out of ourselves and our, all too often, petty complaints and grumpy grumblings like service. Service to others and to things, both tangible and ethereal, that are higher than our little human muppet-selves, quiets our screaming egos; it brings us face to face with our Bigger, Better, Brighter selves; it connects us to one another; and it makes the world an all around better place to be. Service can be done in big, grand gestures and in something as small and simple as a smile. Start the day with the singular question “How can I best serve today?” The crazy cool thing is that the answer to that will be exactly what we, ourselves, are searching for. As we give out, we get back – that’s just the beautiful way that it works.

Today I am abundantly grateful for service.