Sunday, November 17, 2019

12 Days of Gratitude: Day One - My Body

How amazing are our bodies? For all of our continued attachments to physical “Supposed to’s” and “I wish that’s” and “If only’s…” Just take a minute to revel in gratitude for a body that can freakin’ heal itself! And, in the course of a single day, can stretch, stand, bend, walk, run, jump, swim, taste, chew, drink, swallow, digest, laugh, cry, sleep, have sex, sneeze, itch, tickle, feel, smell, see, hear, breathe, pump blood, do it’s own housecleaning, express, hit, hug, dance it out… Plus a billion other things. Maybe each of our bodies can’t do every one of those things, but it can do many of them – and how amazing is that??

Today I’m abundantly grateful for my body.