Friday, November 30, 2012

Video: If Money Didn't Matter

I really love this. I absolutely believe in the notion of doing what you love but find it next to impossible to let go of being driven to make money - no matter what stupid job I have to take to get it. Being a single mother, I have had years when I supported my little family by acting and writing and other things that brought me joy but they were very lean and stressful years. The panic-filled stress of not knowing how I was going to make a house payment or feed my kids took the joy right out of being creative as well as put a huge damper on said creativity.

Now I work hard at day-jobs I don't necessarily love so I can work hard at the things I love and bring me joy when I'm not at my job. The things I love that I'm working hard at will absolutely make me money down the road and, in the meantime, it makes me happy to be able to provide for my children. But I still do want to dare to dream and go for it and have the guts to emotionally cliff dive into the life I really want.

Maybe it's a matter of analogies. The advice to base jump off the cliff of following your bliss and find a way to make money doing what you love is wonderful for those just starting out. And, for those of us that "started out" a long time ago, maybe we can still make the same jump - just with a larger parachute and carefully packed survival kit.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome To My Less Wild But Nonetheless Still Fairly Exciting Ride

And... we're back.

I shut down my old Dancing With Crazy blog because, well... simply put, the lighting changed, the direction changed, the music changed, the dancer changed and it was time for a new stage. I'm actually wanting to be less on stage these days - loving behind the scenes much more - but decided to stick with the metaphor. Everything is just so different for me, I no longer have the ability to engage in many of the conversations I was having. They were necessary and healing and part of the journey of me - and for several of you who have followed and read for the past several years - but it's done. I am done. Time for the Happy Party.

Time to celebrate the human spirit. Time to celebrate survival and resiliency and healing. Kick-ass Humans are still counted among my very favorite things - even more than chocolate and Christopher Walken. I lied. Kick-ass Humans run a very close second to chocolate. Chocolate and kissing. Chocolate and kissing and garden gnomes. Chocolate and kissing and garden gnomes and good wine. Chocolate and kissing and garden gnomes and good wine and firefighters. Chocolate and kissing and garden gnomes and good wine and firefighters and... this thermos. (Gold star if you can name that movie.)

I have far less time for blogging than I used to have so longer posts will be fewer than in years past. But they will be here. And they will be good. And goofy. And funny. And inspiring. And celebratory. And squishy.

Welcome back. Care to dance?