Wednesday, November 20, 2019

12 Days of Gratitude: Day Four - The Earth

This planet we live on is such an intricately interesting and breathtakingly beautiful place to live. The gorgeous mysteries of its high and its low places, of both its hidden and its wide-open spaces. Mountains, canyons, oceans, rivers, streams, meadows, beaches, trees, flowers, grass, all of its ridiculously varied and fascinating creatures (some of which I am, admittedly, still trying to make peace with) and its countless complex systems… It feeds us! It creates the food, water and oxygen that keep us alive. How can we not just stand in awe of this beautiful place we live and feel gratitude for all that it offers us? How can we not want to give back to it, to be the caretakers to it that we ought to be? Take a moment to stand in the sunshine; breathe in the fresh air; walk barefoot in the grass; hug a tree (yep - do it!) – better yet, plant one; actually stop and look at the flowers while smelling them; take a hike; climb a mountain; swim in the ocean (unless you are also terrified of deep, dark water – then join me, safely on land, at the Aquarium or in watching Planet Earth) Seriously, this big, wide wonderful world we walk around on is awe inspiring.

Today I am abundantly grateful for the Earth.