Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love More

When our heart gets broken, for whatever reason, our primary instinct is to protect it – to shut it down, cover it up, build a wall around it, wrap it in so many miles of bubble wrap or bury it in a hole so deep that it won’t ever get broken again. But that never works. Ever. All it does is shut us off from the sunshine and oxygen necessary for our heart to naturally heal itself. And it does, or can – every time – if we allow it. Just like a cut finger or broken arm is programmed to heal itself if we give it the support it needs to do so. If your heart is broken DON’T STOP LOVING. Love is exactly the ointment, bandage, cast, splint, iv drip that the heart needs to come back to life. If your heart is broken, LOVE MORE. Love your friends more, love your family more, love your kids more, love your pets more, love sunshine more, love music more, love life more and, above all else, LOVE YOURSELF MORE. Love bigger, love better, love braver, love more fiercely, love more peacefully, love kinder, just… Love more.