Monday, March 10, 2014

Poem: Kathleen Boylan

Once upon a time, there was a nameless Little One.
Life gave this Little One the first of many lessons.
"What should we call you then, Little One?"
Trembling, Little One responded, "Fear"

Time passed, and the lessons continued.
With each new teaching, came a new name.
"What should we call you now, Little One?"
Laughing, crying, screaming, Little One responded, "Joy.Despair.Rage"

More time passes, and more lessons are learned.
As the latest lesson is received, so was the latest identity.
"And what should we call you today, Little One?"
Standing staunch and proud, Little One responded, "Survivor"

Ran into Little One the other day.
Lessons still come, life still goes on.
"What name do you choose for this day, Little One?"
Smiling, easy, glowing, Little One responded, "I no longer wish to be identified by my struggles.
From now on, I wish to be called by my greatest strength. "
"You may call me Love."