Monday, April 8, 2013

Response to an Email from Someone in Pain


Turn off the TV and get off the Internet. Sit quietly and listen. The answers are there. Your heart and soul know exactly what you need to heal. Don’t fight what you’re feeling – you are feeling it for a reason. Are you angry? Are you afraid? Are you feeling crazy? Why? Ask and then listen – YOU will tell you. Stop listening to everyone else. Others may have good advice and guidance but they will never, ever, ever know you better than you do.

Listen through the anger and the fear and the turmoil. Listen until you hear it – the sound of your own heartbeat, the sound of your own rhythm, the sound of your own life. Listen until you hear the sound of your own voice speaking to you – and believe what it says. If there’s a person, place or thing that causes you pain, anger, fear or just plain old feels shitty then that’s your soul telling you to get away from that person, place or thing. Walk away. The time may or may not come for that person, place or thing to re-enter your life – but only when it brings you joy, peace and alignment. It really is that simple. If your soul tells you something, LISTEN.

If it tells you that you've been abused, then you have. If it then tells you to walk away from that abuse and forgive – then do it. If it tells you some hard work and digging is required first then dig and put in the work. If it tells you that you have done enough work and it’s time to let go, then it’s time to let go. If it tells you to get professional help then do it. If it tells you that you are not getting the right help then keep looking until it tells you that you have found the correct method of healing.

You are always feeling what you’re feeling for a reason – even though it oftentimes may not be the reason you thought. Listen and you will know. You are your own healer. Your soul knows exactly what it needs to heal the same way that your body does.

When you break a bone you don’t sit there lamenting that it will never get better – you don’t throw yourself on the train tracks because you no longer have a whole bone. You curse and cry because it hurts like hell and then you do what needs to be done. You get to a doctor, you set the bone, you give it the support in needs and trust that in time and with proper care, your body will do exactly what it needs to do to heal the bone and life will go on. You don’t need to know how the bone is healed, you just need to trust in your body’s innate ability to heal it.

It is the same with your soul. When your soul gets cracked, fractured, broken in two or shattered in a million pieces it really does know what it needs to heal. Listen to it! Set your soul-bone – get it back in its proper place (yes, it will tell you where and what that is too), give it all the support it needs, take pressure off of it, take time to breathe and sleep and nourish yourself and YOU WILL HEAL. You will need big things and you will need small things and your soul will guide you and tell you what those things are.

You know the voice of your best friend, you know the voice of your spouse and your children. You know the voice of your favorite singer or movie star but do you know the voice of your own soul? If not, be quiet and listen. You will hear it – and it will be the most sublime sound you've ever heard. I promise.