Dancing With Crazy Reviews

"Riveting, inspiring and really, really entertaining." - Will Swenson: actor, director

"Emily Pearson has laid painfully, humorously, and poignantly bare a remarkable journey, from which she has emerged with an evolved integrity, compassion, and courage. Instead of floundering in resentment and victimhood from the gripping challenges posed by her many confounding and sometimes devastating relationships - and by her religion that offered mostly debilitating fear, guilt, and massive confusion - Pearson has courageously chosen liberation, love, and laughter. Dancing With Crazy inspires the reader as it depicts the path Pearson has forged, with brutal honesty, toward spiritual health and caring, finally, for herself." - Rocky Anderson: Humanitarian – High Road for Human Rights; Former Mayor of Salt Lake City 

"Dancing With Crazy is a triumph of working through the most appalling human conflict to finding one's own reality and ultimate personal strength. The journey is daunting, to say the least, and grueling even for a reader like myself. Fate seems to have placed in Emily's path dark and forbidding obstacles and disguised them most of the time as light - inviting spiritual seduction. There is a tragic dimension that is cruel and insistent in seeming to have a conscious determination to destroy her. But she comes out victorious." - Trevor Southey: Artist 

"Only Emily would simultaneously dance with angels dressed in drag and demons disguised as the boy next door. Her smart ass and larger-than-life spirit graces each page of this book as beautifully as her 20-year-old ass graced a Baywatch scene. Both put a smile on my face." - Richard Dutcher: Filmmaker 

"Searing telling of truth. Pain into purpose. A wildflower emerged. Emily Pearson is reclaimed and the dance where finally she steps on some toes and not the other way around is delicious to watch. I love this work. I love Emily." - Reed Cowan: Filmmaker, author and journalist 

"A work of art. Beautiful, haunting and hopeful." - David T. Howard 

"I just finished reading this last night, and all I can say is WOW! This book was unputdownable. I've read a lot of autobiographical memoiry type stuff (Burroughs, Sedaris, on the more humorous side, and other less funny more "Glass Castley" types...) and this ranks right up there. Definitely a page turner! Awesome job, Emily, on writing a book where all the quotes on the cover are actually true!" - T. R. Frentzel

"I just finished the, yes, I will say it, BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! I laughed on the plane and didn't care. I started sobbing, and my wife wondered what was wrong with me! Dancing With Crazy was MY story - the characters and script were a bit different, but so much the same. The story is real, it is raw, it is pure passion and from the heart. Thank you for putting your life to pen Emily. I am one of many, I'm sure, that needed it." - Rick R. 

"Emily - for the thousands of prayers seemingly ignored....You shared your prayers with thousands of us. We hear you. We answer you with awe, love, acceptance, empathy, and forgiveness. Thank you for having the courage and outrageousness to write (part) of your story. A story for every child of the '70's, and to the parents who raised us - lest we fail to move forward. Thank you for writing till the tears stung our eyes and choked in our throats, for making us glad to be part of the human experience, making us laugh out loud, and most of all, for affirming the truest truth: we are our own eternal companions. And for Savex. Lots of Savex." - Luz Lewis

"Dancing With Crazy poignantly details Emily Pearson's heartbreaking story of personal redemption. While masterfully detailing her journey from blind obedience to finding her own remarkable voice, Emily also tells the story of anyone who has enough courage to step forward out of tragedy and reclaim their spirit. Dancing With Crazy is every bit as beautiful, smart-assed, inspirational, and full of life as the author." - Steve Andrews 

"I should be wearing all black right now because I'm grieving the end of Emily's book. Emily is so off the charts real in her writing, so likable, so magnetic, so clean, clear, and honest. As painful as some of the events are in her childhood, Emily doesn't write about them with scary horror movie organ chords in the background. She just...writes about what happened, how exquisitely painful it was, but she doesn't milk it and she manages to keep not just a sense of humor, but an off the charts sense of humor through it all. Some could go through similar situations and just aim to make it out intact. She chose to not only survive intact, but did so without being self-righteous about her victories over the crap and pain. Emily is purely confident and proud of her grit in the end. This is an excellent book for anyone who is working toward being his or her true self (aren't we all?). And really, it's just a damn good read - action, drama, romance, therapy, comedy, tragedy, and cross-dressing nuns on roller-skates." - Wendy Reeves-Hampton 

"By the time she was in her 30s Emily Pearson had lived through more tragedy and heartache than most people do in a lifetime. I couldn't put this scintillating memoir down, I read it in a day and half. Her story broke my heart but is a testament to the power of the human spirit to survive, no matter what the obstacle. Her wisdom and worldview are inspirational." - J. Seth Anderson 

"DO buy this book. Just don't plan to read it until you have the time to not put it down. It's a fitful, riveting read about a woman's journey through a life so full of "out there's" that they just simply can't be made up. While Emily's clearly unique experiences are solely her own, she is easy to relate to, and her wit and humor will rock your socks off through her roller coaster ride of life. Through determination and sheer will against a cultural force that continually told her she was wrong, Emily realized she always possessed the magic contained in ruby slippers, or in her case, Christmas tree lights. Prepare to cry out of empathy and delight, and walk away, like Emily, knowing a little more about the personal power you possess." - Sandy Brunnenmeyer 

"I read this book in less than 24 hours; I simply could not put it down! I began it on a Sunday night, and Monday I got up early to read it before work and just would not take calls or go to work until I finished it. I can't remember finding a book so compelling that I let it get in the way of my highly driven work schedule. I was sad when it came to an end. I found Emily's wisdom and courage to overcome difficult circumstances and ability to be honest about them to be incredibly inspirational." - Cheryl Nunn 

"This is a can't-put-it-down fascinating story that brings me to tears then has me laughing out loud. Ms. Pearson has overcome obstacles that could have destroyed her, and she not only has the courage to reveal all to the world, she tells her story in a way that is uplifting and entertaining. She has reached a point where she can stand up and shake her fist at the devil, and along the way has learned to be really cautious whenever someone says God has told him He wants her to do something. Go Emily! I can't wait for your next book." - Roger Harris